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Layout Request

Page Title - You've got to be true what's in there
Where would you like the entries? - (center, left, right.) Centered
Border - (Dashed, dotted, solid or none) None
Border Size & Color - (1 being very thin, and 10 being the thickest.) N/A
Link Colors - #6E6E6E
Cursor- Maybe like a tiny little spider (really small) if you can find one. But it's not a big deal if you can't.
Background Link - (if you just want a color, leave blank.)

Background color -see above
Background color for journal entries -#F8E0E0
Font, font color, and font size – Gautami, black, 13 or 14 (whatever is easy to read but not too big)
ScrollBar Colors - face color-black, track color white, shadows black, arrow white
Anything else you can think of -
Screen resoloution – 1152 X 864


entry width and sidebar width like this:

I do want the tag list, cloud, but no calendar or page summary. I would like my usericon on the top of the sidebar, normal size.

For the title picture thing, (A BANNER! I remember!) (like the picture of the dude on the example journal above), I don't know what it's called, but I want this picture:

If possible, to kind of fade out the other people and just leave Oscar and Andy (the two the photo is focusing on. I'm sure that's obvious, I just want to make this as specific as possible :))

And the (user info/memories, etc links above the picture)

Ummmm....I don't know what else.

I forgot to say...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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