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Just A Simple Theme. Help Pls?

I was wondering if anyone wanted to make an LJ layout for me?

I'm an utter newbie here. I've always wanted to try it and now I have. I'm psyched to get started but I don't know a lick about any http and coding stuff and all that.

Page Title:  Writers Express
Where would you like the entries? Right
Border: Solid
Cursor: I don't mind if it's not customized or anything, but if you have time I wouldn't mind a white-and-green-colored arrow.
Font, font color, and Font Size: Times New Roman (or anything plain, I'm not into too-fancy script), Black font color, and normal size (10-14).
Anything else you can think of:

To be honest, I don't have much restrictions on the overall design.

The only requirements I really have are:
- A prominent green theme/color on it, with splashes of other colors. Green is my favorite color.
- A header with the words 'Writers Express' and the subtitle 'A choice between fantasy and reality', and a picture of a train/train station/subway/subway station/etc.
- Go crazy and have fun making it.

...I think that's pretty much it. You can PM me for details.
I would totally appreciate the help.
Thank you!
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