maksou (maksou) wrote in layout_requests,

Layout request por favor

I've been needing a new layout for a while, and I'm REALLY hoping someone can help me.  I tried to make my own once, and...that didn't go well.

Page Title - ChrnoXRosette
Where would you like the entries? - Center plz
Border - Dashed
Border Size & Color - 2 or 3 maybe, in a dark blue
Link Colors - Bright blue
Cursor- Whatever(not picky)
Background Link -
Background color -black
Background color for journal entries - Dark Violet
Font, font color, and font size - Calibi(if possible), White, 12
ScrollBar Colors - Light violet

Anything else you can think of - I would REALLY like this for the header if possible:
Screen resoloution-1280x800

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